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Magazine / Lychee Gimlet Cocktail

Lychee Gimlet Cocktail

One of our favourite suppliers is ‘King of Soho’ gin.

Paul Raymond’s son, Howard, inherited his father’s dedication to Soho. As a tribute to his dad, he made a gin that encapsulates all the qualities that makes Soho such an extraordinary part of London.

What do you get when you mix the texture of a grape, the skin of a dinosaur and a light floral taste? And what do you get when you mix that – dinosaur skin aside – with King of Soho gin, lime and Triple Sec?

The perfect drink to toast the arrival of summer, that’s what.

Lychee Gimlet Cocktail


35ml King of Soho gin
25ml Lime juice
15ml Triple Sec
50ml Lychee Nectar
A dash of gomme syrup

Shake all the ingredients together and strain into a martini-style glass garnished with a lychee.

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