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Magazine / Supplier Stories: Fenns of Piccadilly

Supplier Stories: Fenns of Piccadilly

We’re proud to call Fenns of Piccadilly, which first started in Berwick Street Market back in 1898, our butchers.

Now run by Stan Silver, who has been involved with Fenns for the last 39 years, and his two sons, who he trained as youngsters and who still work with him today, Fenns really is a family business. We caught up with Stan to find out a bit more.

What is it that makes Fenns special?

Fenns is a family business which means we have that extra care and passion for what we do. Born into it! We have years of expertise, a strong ethos and a commitment to the very best and freshest produce. Family members working side by side with our skilled staff helps to maintain the quality of our products. The close working relationships ensure our employees really take pride in the product and being a cut above.

What is your hero product (that you supply to Balans) and why?

This is a difficult one… if pushed I’d say our fresh-made, hand-pressed 100% Hereford chuck steak burgers. But, if we were allowed a second choice, it would be the hand-cut Hereford steaks.

What processes do you use to keep the quality of your product so high?

Years of experience. There is always a Silver family member in the building checking the quality is maintained and so that it never drops. We believe strongly that whomever we are serving,  a local cafe or Michelin restaurant, every single order should get the same care and attention. This deepens our connection with chefs and restaurants – Balans being a very good example: over thirty years on from being a little cafe – you never how you never know where that little cafe/bar may end up. ‘From tiny acorns, the biggest oak trees can grow’ as they say.


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