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Absinthe Ritual

Surprisingly, it’s often the smaller things in life which bring us the greatest pleasure: raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens – that sort of thing. The Absinthe Ritual is, most definitely, one of life’s little pleasures and at Balans, we have to admit, we’re pretty big fans of it.

The classic French ritual is a simple one. It involves placing a sugar cube on a flat perforated spoon, that rests on the rim of the glass containing a measure of absinthe. Iced water is then, slowly dripped, drop by drop, onto the sugar cube, which begins to dissolve and fall into the absinthe beneath. As the sugar and icy water mix with the absinthe, they cause a colour change and the bright green liquid gradually becomes a  sort of cloudy white.

As much as we all like a grabbing a massive drink on a Friday (any) night and gulping it down at an impressive pace, there is something undeniably lovely about taking great care in preparing your  drink. Adding the water drop by drop allows the aroma of the absinthe to really develop and watching the colour change slowly occur is far more exciting than you might expect. So next time you’re in Balans, why not give it a go?

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